Roger Salloom
Roger Salloom

Last CallLast Call by Roger Salloom

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This 11 song CD features some of Roger's best songs from over the years. Many of these songs have never been recorded before even though some were written over 30 years ago. Finally you'll get a chance to hear them on Last Call.

Of course there's plenty of new songs too, featuring Roger's whimsical lyrics and uncanny understanding of human nature... and himself.

And special guests Charles Neville, Bekka Bramlett, and Kathy Chiavola add their own touches to make this CD something truly unique.


Latest Reviews

"Be prepared to be captivated."

"... there's a simple honesty and wryness to the lyrics that are touching, deeply affective, often a matter of a level confessional of shortcomings that no one listening can help but share a rueful and grinning remembrance with."

" The title cut was well chosen as the showcase's sobriquet, as it's a perfect blend of the player-singer-composer at the top of his game...even more so than the rest of the gems here, every inch of this release a pleasure."

» Mark S. Tucker, www.acoustic-music.com


"There are countless famous story tellers in American history. If Salloom keeps this up, he'll easily find himself among them."

» Abbey K. Davis – MuzikReviews.com


"...once you start really tuning into the lyrics, a deeper story is revealed… an almost existential perspective on life; "The best thing I do is nothing, and I'm doing that the best I can," he observes on that song, somehow making it sound like the wisest life choice imaginable, and that little magic trick is just where Salloom's true gift seems to lie."

All Music, J. Allen


La Te DaRoger Salloom La Ti Da

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'La Te Da' La Te Da

'Tappin That Thing' Tappin That Thing

'Gotta Stop' Gotta Stop

'When it Comes to Women' When It Comes to Women

'In the Snow' In The Snow

'So Glad I Made It' So Glad I Made It

'Wrong Thing' Wrong Thing

'I Got The Kids' I Got The Kids

'Mr. Jealous' Mr. Jealous

'Part Time' Part Time

'I Love You Baby' I Love You Baby

'Get Up And Vote' Get Up And Vote

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Preview Album Art: Back Cover, CD Label

Watch the video "La Te Da" featuring Eilen Jewell and Charles Neville (28 MB)

EventuallyRoger Salloom's Eventually

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Sample Tracks:
01 - So Glad I Made It speaker
02 - Eventually
03 - So You Want To Rock & Roll It
04 - When It Comes to Women speaker
05 - Keep Riding
06 - Part Time
07 - I Got The Kids
08 - In The Snow speaker
09 - I Should've Run
10 - One More Time
11 - I Need Some Time
12 - Even Tears

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